Hello.  To the extent anyone ever comes across this blog – welcome.  Please note a few things.

I created this blog for selfish reasons.  I bought the “Bond 50” Blu Ray DVD collection because it was on sale at Amazon.  However, since I had already watched every movie in the collection at some point over the years, I needed something to motivate myself to watch them all again.  Thus, I decided to watch each movie after first reading the original novel by Ian Fleming, and then I will try to compare and contrast some of the major factual and thematic similarities and differences between the novels and the films.  For example, I was surprised to learn that, in the original novel, Bond killed off Dr. No under a pile of bird dung – who knew?

In other words, this is a place for me to more or less park my thoughts on each novel/film comparison. Of course, the most recent films are based on screenplays and/or other work that are not based on Fleming’s novels.  I am not sure yet if I will discuss these.  That said, it is clear that, from time to time, the films borrow themes or scenes from novels that did not form the overall basis for the film’s screenplay; this is interesting, and I will try and highlight these points as well.

These posts are – and will be – filled with spoilers.  Do not read this stuff if you intend on seeing the Bond movies, or reading the Ian Fleming novels – or doing both in conjunction – for the first time.   

I am going to do this in the order of the original novels, which can be strange to those familiar with just the films.  For instance, most people – myself included – are surprised to learn that Fleming wrote Moonraker before he wrote Dr. No.

These posts do not attempt to exhaustively or authoritatively “break down” the novels and the film scripts; there are plenty of wonderful websites that do that already.  See the blog roll.

Where I can, I will include links to other sites that illuminate or help to further inform the posts on this blog.

I plan on editing and re-drafting posts as I re-read the novels and re-watch the films over time.  If you happen to come across this blog and have comments, proposed corrections, and/or criticism, I welcome it.  Your comments will inform revisions to current posts as well as influence future posts.

I usually draft initial posts under the influence of dry vodka martinis garnished with lemon peel.  So, please excuse typographical errors – they will be corrected.  Eventually.


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